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Anini Beach

A family-friendly beach on Kauai! This long stretch of beach has picnic tables, a lovely grassy beach park, bathrooms, shallow seas, and easy snorkeling.

Discover Anini Beach

Caution: Not A Lifeguarded Beach


Anini Beach is popular for those who wish to enjoy the warm, shallow waters and easily accessible snorkeling! The water here is great for those looking to wade in the crystal clear ocean or snorkel along the shoreline. Anini is known for having some of the best Kauai North Shore snorkeling, with reefs close to shore and nice, protected waters that have clear visibility and plenty of fish! There is a long stretch of grass at this beach park with bathrooms and picnic tables for you to enjoy a nice lunch near the water! Hang out with your friends and family in the shade or choose a spot in the sunshine on the beautiful white sand. Because this beach is quite large, two miles long, it can feel less crowded than other beaches on the island such as Poipu Beach. Walking the beach at Anini is a favorite activity for many locals as it stretches far and has beautiful views of the turquoise waters.

Anini beach is considered one of the safer beaches on the North Shore of Kaua’i because there is a large reef that protects the shallow regions from swells. One of the great things about Anini is that it is family-friendly! Many people enjoy bringing children here as they can wade in the very shallow waters without fear of currents. 

All of this being said, Anini is also very well known for having strong currents past the shallow reef. It is strongly advised to only swim near the inside sections of the reef close to the shore. Though the deeper regions of the water may appear calm and inviting to the observer, there can easily be unseen rip currents below that can push swimmers and snorkelers out to sea. For this reason, it is best to keep close to the shore, if you can stand up easily where you’re swimming then you’re more likely to be safe from ripe tides. Note: Never stand on the reef or coral. Please, only walk on sandy areas of the beach.


Generally, it is safest to swim on the North Shore during the summer months. Swimming and snorkeling in Kauai during the winter can be incredibly dangerous and life-threatening, please be sure to check with local safety authorities so you can practice safe snorkeling in Kauai

Directions to Anini Beach:

From Highway 56 turn onto Kalihiwai Road. Follow Kalihiwai Road until you reach a left turn onto Anini road. Follow Anini Road down a short, curvy drive. If you reach a point where the ocean is close to the road on the right and there are quite a few turns along the drive you’ll know you’re getting close! The grassy beach park is hard to miss, you will see bathrooms and a parking lot when you’ve arrived!

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