HLTA Kauai Chapter wants to encourage a positive, healthy experience for those visiting Kauai.

The quality of your time on the island will be bettered when you arrive feeling well prepared and informed, this includes COVID-19 precautions. Because of the isolated nature of the island, Kauai has access to limited health resources during the COVID-19 Crisis. We are working hard as a community to keep our loved ones safe. We are invested in making life on Kauai better for locals and visitors alike so it is our goal to educate visitors pre-arrival to help keep our island safe and healthy!

Kauai COVID-19 Resources

HLTA’s COVID-19 efforts

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, our island was deeply affected by the pandemic at a business and community level. The HLTA Kauai worked closely with our membership to keep them informed on rapidly evolving changes to the visitor industry and advocate for them at a government level. 

The HLTA Kauai proudly promoted safety in our communities and supported many of our non-profits at a time when they needed help the most.

Partnered with Massive Masks for Kauai to manufacture and provide over 5,000 cloth face masks to our front-line workers and hotel employees

Partnered with Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) and Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB) to launch a new initiative called “Hotels for Heroes”. This program offered an alternative housing option to our first responders to help reduce the risk of exposing their family members at home.

Donated $10,000 to the Kauai Independent Food Bank (KIFB)

Many lodging and accommodations members of the HLTA Kauai Chapter held food drives over a period of many months to support Kauai workers who had been laid-off during the pandemic.